Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dental Implants

Missing Even One Tooth Can Create Other Problems

You may think it is no big deal to have missing teeth, but eventually, other problems result from incomplete dental arches. Chewing will become more difficult, which may result in favoring softer, high-calorie foods that are less nutritious. Continuing this type of diet often means gaining unwanted weight. Not only are missing teeth unattractive in your smile, you can take on an aged appearance, as the contours in your face sag and hollow due to loss of bone density. Speaking may become embarrassing at times. Without the support of successive teeth in your dental arches, other teeth can become loose or shift. Dental implants have been proven to successfully resolve the problems associated with missing teeth. No matter where you have teeth missing, these natural-looking and fully functioning implants will recapture a healthy smile that gives you all the capabilities of your natural teeth.
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